Order and delivery policy


  • The information showed on the Site is not a binding contractual offer from Us to you. Filing us with your request for any of the products you wish (“Products”) will be legally regarded as a contractual offer. The purchase contract will have been accepted only after you receive Our order acceptance confirmation e-mail notice (“Confirmation eMail”) summarizing your Order’s details (including Products ordered, delivery details, price and any other information required, hereby – “Order”) Do note that after placing an Order, changing the delivery details will not be possible so please fill in carefully and correctly.
  • Upon placing an Order you will be requested to specify the delivery method and method of payment.
  • You undertake that:
    • that the information you provide the Site with will be current, complete and accurate;
    • that any data and information you may supply Us with is supplied by you willingly and in good faith;
    • that We may use any information you supplied Us with in the manner detailed under these Terms and our Privacy Policy;
  • Payment Terms. Payment terms may vary from time to time, as customary under Our sole discretion and as detailed in the Confirmation eMail. You may be offered certain specific terms and might not be offered others.
  • Payment Methods. We do not collect or save your credit-card’s or other payment method’s details. Payment is being executed by third party vendors, clearing houses and applications which are prominently displayed on any relevant page (such as Cardcom for credit cards clearance, PayPall, Bit, etc.). You should verify their relevant privacy policy to understand their terms. Should you not wish that your data will be submitted to the relevant clearing house or application, please do not perform any transaction on the Site.
  • Payment Refusal. Should the Credit Card company or any other payment vendor refuse your payment request, your Order shall not be binding and you will not receive the product

Please make sure your payment and delivery details are correct and that payment will be accepted.

Please note that Orders that had been refused by the relevant clearing house, may still appear on the Site (including the

Products, the delivery address, the prices, etc.), yet they will not be delivered if payment had not been authorized and accepted by Us.

  • Order Cancellation. Once Confirmation eMail had been sent, you may not change the Order.

Cancelation of any Order by you will be subject to the Israeli Customer Protection Act, 1981 and relevant regulations, in accordance to the “Arms’ Length Transaction” as detailed in articles 14(c)-(e) thereto. See here for further information on this mater – https://www.gov.il/he/departments/general/cpfta_consumers_info_iskat_mecher_merahok. No cancellation will be accepted after any use of Product. Should you choose to cancel and return used Product, said Product will remain at Our disposal yet you will not receive a refund. You will bear any delivery costs in such an instance.

Cancellation of Order by Us can be made at any and all times or under any reason, subject to an email notification to be sent to the email-address you have supplied Us with and the sole undertaking that all payments made by you to Us regarding specific cancelled Order shall be cancelled or reimbursed.

  • Following the Order. Following the progression of the Order you have made and its delivery to you may be done on the Site (prior to Product supplied to delivery company) or using delivery service company’s website. Please take care of notifications you will receive and make sure Order is collected by you on time and on the sappropriate location.


  • Delivery might be limited or denied in certain territories or countries (or areas within a specific country). The appearance of Products on the Site does not mean they will be delivered world-wide.
  • Delivery schedule. Our deliveries are carried out by chosen couriers (such as UPSEasyship and various other trusted couriers). The delivery is expected within 14 business-days commencing on the Confirmation eMail’s date.
  • We do expect on-time delivery as we use trusted delivery services, yet we do not control our couriers’ schedule so the actual delivery date might change and late delivery might happen due to circumstances that are beyond Our control (subject to couriers’ schedule).
  • Delivery details. Delivery shall be made using the details (address) you have entered upon placing your Order. Please verify that any and all such details are complete and correct as any error might cause the delivery to fail.

Should the details be incomplete or wrong we will try to contact you, using the contact details you have entered upon each Order, and try to correct the details in order to complete the Order’s delivery. Please make sure that your contact details are correct, as incorrect details may cause the Order to fail and you will not receive the Products you have ordered, and you will have no claim in such instance.

Nevertheless, we reserve Our right to cancel each and every Order, subject to reimbursing your payments (deducting any fees and costs caused by your activity of default).

In case of incorrect details, additional expenses might be mandatory in order to allow re-delivery of the Products to the amended address as supplied to Us.

  • Delivery must be accepted by you, on time. You undertake to accept the delivered Products after coordination with the delivery services. Deliveries might be made to certain delivery locations which are not always your direct. Delivery of an Order will be complete upon delivery to its specific delivery location.

Picking up each Order at specific delivery location and on time is solely your responsibility.

We reserve the right to request identifying documents for the execution of delivery, but do not undertake to do so.

Products not picked on time might be returned or otherwise be reported as lost with no reimbursement of payments whatsoever.

In certain instances, we might be able to re-deliver the Products, subject to additional mandatory expense payments. That will only be done of Our representatives have managed to contact you using the contact details you have left with Us.

  • Delivery may fail. We do not control the delivery services’ conduct nor unexpected situations. In certain instances where delivery had failed (not due to inaccurate address or late pick up of Products by you), we will have to cancel relevant Order and we will refund all payments made regarding cancelled Order. Prior to that we will try to contact you and agree on alternative delivery (if possible). Should the Order be cancelled, we will return all payments made by you.

Any non-delivery will not exempt you from full and complete payment with regard to relevant Order.

  • Delivery bag includes package details. Please note that Our delivery bag (within the Products are delivered to you) might include a printed note detailing the Products that are within said package (for the benefit of Our delivery services).